Top 5 IDE for Python Developers in 2021

Top 5 IDE for Python Developers in 2021

IDE (Integrated development environment) is software designed for building applications. An IDE technically consists of a source code editor, compiler or interpreter, debugger and automation building tools accessed by a single graphical user interface (GUI).

Developers use it in writing their codes for translating a program and testing errors. Each device embedded in the software has its specific function in itself. Lets See one by one.

Source code editor

A source code editor is an integral part of an integrated development environment (IDE). Its primary function is to write and read the source code easier by grouping the elements and routines.


The compiler has to translate the source code in a readable and executable language for the computer.


An interpreter translates code into machine code, and the interpreted code will show up in case of an error. Interpreter and compiler have similar working. Many software just contains one tool.

Automated Build Tool

It is software that compiles your source code to machine-accessible code.


Debugger translates GUI action into a sequence of GDB commands.

Different IDEs support different languages, but here we will be discussing the best 5 IDE’s for Python. Starting from the first on the list:


PyCharm is an IDE used for computer programming languages, especially for Python. It is the “Most intelligent IDE for Python”. It is written in Java and Python and can efficiently operate in Windows, Linux and macOS.

PyCharm is embedded with tons of features in different categories. Its code editor provides excellent support for various languages, including Python and web development frameworks.

It is also integrated with IPython Notebook and has built-in support of scientific libraries like Panda and Numpy.

To add liveliness to coding, it offers you the option of customizing your UI. Its built-in formatter can recognize matching statements and help you to format them and save time correctly.

Moving forward with number two on the list:


Thonny is a free IDE that has been designed explicitly for Python and operates in a cross-platform. It is design to make it compatible with beginners and make it easy to learn Python Programming. It comes with a built-in Python 3.7, so all the user needs to do is install it.

Its code completion feature is in all-time demand, which helps the user in exploring APIs. It has a simple PIP and supports CPython and MicroPython. One of the most loved Plugins of Thonny is the “thonny-onedark” that changes the theme into one-dark syntax.

In comparison with Python, Thonny doesn’t support more extensive programming or heavy processing, whereas Python is well design for large projects.


Wing is a Python featured IDE with all the tools embedded in it. It operates for various languages, including C, Python, Cython and C++. Its most recent update was 8.0.3. Wing IDE is faster, more stable and lightweight to ease your system.

It has simple syntax, robust data structures, and library support. It also supports various GUI layers for web and gaming development. Wing is designed for all user levels, for beginners, for commercial purposes and professional programmers.

The drawback of Wing being expensive after the free trial is entirely rational, and the themes also create a mess for some users.

On number four, we have:


Spyder is a free open source IDE that operates cross-platform, written wholly in Python for the use of Python. Apart from Windows, macOS and Linux, it also works in QT. Its new releases haves a new completion architecture, a variable explore, and a built-inn dark theme.

Though it is a powerful software with tons of built-in features, it can further be improve by using specific Plugins and APIs. To run Spyder, the user must have Python 3.6+ (Spyder core language) or PyQt5 5.6+ (Spyder’s GUI).

In comparison with PyCharm, Spyder is comparatively lightweight as PyCharm is embedded with Plugins. Whereas working with PyCharm is more straightforward as its UI is customizable, helping the user in minimizing complexity.

Last on the list we have:

Atom IDE

Atom is a free open source code editor which is written in JavaScript and developed by Github. Like PyCharm, it also has a customizable user interface.

It is system friendly, lightweight software with fast working. Its working is very similar to Sublime Text. Atom is suitable for new developers as it is more modern.

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