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5 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas For Beginners

●    What is web development?

Web development refers to the creation of websites or web pages. All the backend work on the whole internet to create, modify and enhance the working and appearance of web pages. All these websites are designed using various programming languages, platforms, software and development frameworks.

Web development in itself is a very vast topic and contains many other functioning servers. In this, we will be discussing various kinds of projects that come under web development and are for beginners.

●    Types of web development

There are only three various kinds of development that are as follows;

1. Full-stack web development

2. Front end web development

3. Back end web development

●    Interesting web development Projects for beginners

1. JavaScript quiz game:

Quiz games are one thing that excites all of us, no matter what our age group is. What would it feel like to be the owner of a game? To create a simple JavaScript game, all you require are good skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS language and the desired platform, and you are ready to go.

First, you need to set a proper game structure, select the required questions you want in your game, see results, and combine it all altogether. While designing the JavaScript application, you need to enter all the steps mentioned above in your code and explain each line of code, and it will automatically create your designed quiz.

Once the coding of your game is complete, you will require a platform to enable your game visibility on the desktop.

The next exciting project on the list is:

2. Web scrapping:

Web scrapping (web mining, web harvesting) is a process that enables us to draw out vast amounts of data from websites. It is done by using various programming platforms and algorithms.

Scrapping data is used where a large amount of information is required in a specific field. When data is distributed over the internet unevenly, a web scrapper collects the data and arranges it in a consistent or structured manner.

The vastly used and perfectly believed programming language used in web scrapping is Python. It can handle all the research, framing and every work required in scrapping very neatly, making it perfect for users. With the ideal language, an ideal platform is also required.

BeautifulSoup does the same. It is a Python-based framework which when combined with Python, makes web scrapping super easy. Various tools like OctoParse, Common crawler and scrapy are also used in this process.

It can be an enjoyable and exciting task to do as a beginner.

Next on the beginner’s project list, we have:

3. Survey Form:

Nowadays, survey forms are a common thing, and they can be seen everywhere all around the web. Be it an opinion asking or a strike or an attendance platform for students, or confession pages.

Google forms are everywhere on the internet. And creating one is just as easy as eating a plate of rice. All you need to do is open WordPress Form Plugins. The basic version lacks the form, so you’ll need to update it to the pro version.

Once the installation is done, you need the open the survey forms and start creating or editing your survey forms. You can as many options and questions as to wish to in your survey form. Once this step is done, you are on the last verge of your completion.

The final step is to enable indeed reporting to view the real-time progress of your form and turn on your form notifications in WordPress. Now everything is set, and you are good to go with your Survey Forms.

Number four on the beginners’ project list is:

4. Application Making:

Applications have taken their stand on the whole social media. We have apps for everything we can make, and the exciting part is we can create our apps or for someone else and get a reasonable sum of money.

You can make your applications on restaurant reviews, calculators, weather apps, quotes, news, games, music, editing apps for photo’s, videos, audios and much more. Now some applications are easy to build, while some are complicated.

For simple applications, you have to code for your app format, and it’s done.

Last on the list we have:

5. Creating Social Website:

Websites are also one of the most seen and used forms of the internet. While learning coding developing a website can incredibly enhance your coding skills.

Languages like PHP and Rails are most widely used for making websites. Designing a website is also as simple as the projects mentioned above are the only difference is that it can take more time as it needs to be well prepared.

So these were the list of most exciting projects for coding beginners.

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