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5 Best BootStrap Templates For ReactJS 2021

In this blog, we will be discussing the best bootstrap templates for React.JS. Starting with the basics of this concept.

●    What is React.JS?

React.JS is a free open source front end JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces. It is designed to make complex user interfaces. Based on JavaScript, it is not very tough to learn and is best suitable for beginners.

●    What are bootstrap and bootstraps templates?

Bootstrap is a free open- source CSS based framework used for developing applications and websites. Though being a CSS based framework, it supports various features of HTML and extensions based on JavaScript.

Bootstrap themes are design templates for customizing the user interface and the code design, including forms, buttons, layouts and navigations. Those are based on JavaScript, CSS OR HTML or a combination of all.

They can be used along with every backend programming and framework. They come as pre-built templates in bootstraps and can be easily added to the system with a single click.
The following are bootstrap templates that we will be discussing:

1. Light Blue React Template:

It is a free React.JS based template to the specific style and customizes your dashboard interface. It is built on the latest React and Bootstrap latest versions, and its interface has a lively dark blue inbuilt theme and has a lot more features.

This template also updated for free on a regular basis. It is fully customizable and super easy to use, and offers you a lot of options. It has been designed by developers very uniquely and has a different UI from other templates.

Next on the list, we have got:

2. Flatlogic One Template:

Flatlogic One is a free template that is built on the technology of React 16. It is one of the new templates in the market.

It is based on the latest technology, i.e. React and Bootstrap 4, aligning with 2021. It is designed for heavy processing and can take many workloads to give you a seamless working experience.

It is loaded with tons of features, be it selecting the colour of your design, variety in charts, a designed login screen, detailed and categorized notification panel and other UI components.
Number three on the list we have:

3. Extreme React Admin Lite:

It is a wonderfully designed free bootstrap template. It has a modern look-alike interface with many iconic features making it excellent for personal use.

The template is fully developed and provides all necessary elements required by any web application. Some of its best and unique features are

● 100+ icons for font
● 7+ templates for pages
● 10+elements for UI
● Chart form variety

It also has a pro version though it is not free but is worth buying. The pro version features;

● Four Dashboards
● 160+ templates for pages
● 60+ elements for UI
● 50+ plug-in

But talking of the free version, you will get your template updated as long as you use it.
Moving on ahead in our list on number four, we have:

4. SB Admin 2:

It is also a free, open-source template for React.JS. It is built on Bootstrap 4 using SASS (default SASS variables) and performs the same way as the above templates, customizing your templates and dashboard.

It has a modern designed layout and a fully responsive dashboard to provide users with a good experience. It is built for heavy processing and advanced working and also provides live reloading.

It has three custom panel styles that are red, yellow and green and the latest font. It uses the least of jQuery and JavaScript and makes it easier for rewriting in JS frameworks.

Last on our list we have:

5. Reduction React:

Reduction React is also a free bootstrap template made with the latest technology of bootstrap four and React framework. It has a high ranking in terms of the admin dashboard and backend processing.

It is also fully responsive and comes with a neat design, a pink and purple colour pattern, and lots of embedded features.

Its features are a collapsible sidebar, a drop-down menu, variety in bar charts and widgets.

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