5 Exciting Python Projects Ideas for Beginners

5 Exciting Python Projects Ideas for Beginners

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In this blog, we will discuss exciting python project ideas and topics, especially for beginners. While learning python can be a beneficial and fun thing to do, not only it will enhance their learning, but it will take them further to a step of being a professional.

●    Why Python?

Python is the most used programming language holds very major importance in the field of coding and development.

There is a lot more we can extract from python, and there is a lot that python provides. The only thing the user must have is good knowledge of python and a good platform.

Exciting Python Projects Ideas:

1. Contact books:

Building a contact book application can be one of the simplest tasks, to begin with. As contact books are used by everybody, so your app gains large popularity, and it will be one of the most helpful applications.

The most important software to be used is SQLite and PyQt. And the good part is that it is very, very simple to make. Now let’s see the steps for creating a contact book: The very first step is to create a contact book skeleton using PyQT.

Next, the user must code for the application with all the necessary codes that a contact book requires. Next, the user has to create the GUI using python and set its database. Once it’s done, you’ll be required to view that all the operations are functioning properly and you are good to go.

2. Python Story Generator:

If you are a parent or a struggling writer, this is designed for you to make your life easier and more fun. The working of Random Python Story Generator is really fun to know and absolutely easy to build, making its place in beginners project bucket list.

It provides you with amazing and creative stories if you provide it with characters, places, genre and whatever you wish to see in your storyline. It will be worth your time and will give you more ideas and improve your knowledge of coding.

You will first need to collect and assemble all the key points of your story and select random modules every time for a different baseline of your story. You must keep in mind to install Random Library beforehand in order to get absolutely random and different stories.

3. YouTube Video Downloader:

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in the whole world, having a total of 2.29 billion active users. There are approximately 720,000 hours of videos uploaded every day on YouTube.

Having such vast content on a platform, many users want to save the videos according to their interest level, but YouTube limits its users to downloading the content only if the device has an internet package every 29 days and the downloaded content is only limited to the YouTube application only.

In this case, an intermediate application would be very helpful that will enable its users to download the YouTube videos permanently in the device’s media/gallery. Creating a Python YouTube Video Downloader is a very simple task for a beginner.

It can be very simply created by using the platform called PyTube 3 library and is a unique project idea for python beginners.

4. Number Guessing Game:

Games are an absolute time killer for all age groups. It can be really fun to play simple and non-violating brain teasers. Such simple games are also very easy to create if the user has learnt the basis of python, making it an exciting project for beginners and a fun task to do.

Number guessing games can vary from user to user. The user can select its games to range from anywhere in the counting, most probably from 1 to 1000. These games provide the player with a hint of the number that is to be displayed on the screen, and the player has to guess the number.

On the basis of the performance of the layer, the score will be edited, be it deduction or addition.
Guessing games are also for alphabets, songs, movies, fruits, dialogues, countries based on the coding, but the simplest games to make are the number guessing games.

5. Reminder Apps:

With the increasing level of technologies and artificial intelligence, we are aware of alarm clocks, notifications, timers etc. the term “Reminder Apps” is a collective term for notifiers and timers. Reminder apps are also very easy to build using specialized software.

The developer can program for the specific application they are working upon. The fully developed programs will work according to their desired codes, be it a timer, an application notification, task reminders or alarms.

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